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Client/Aide Reviews

B&C Health Care System, Inc. is a blessing to my family. This company is amazing. The Staff completes task in a timely manner, and everyone is friendly and helpful. The care they provide to my father is at the highest professional level. I don't where I would be without them. Thank you, B&C Health Care System. -- Walker

I love working for this company. Very considerate and friendly people. Your concerns never go unaddressed, pay is good and you have a pretty flexible schedule. Overall I think we have great aides out in the field caring for loved ones. -- M. Atwater

I love working with this company it’s been about a year now they are always on time with your questions or concerns pay is well they are considerate and understanding even my clients (individuals) and they families are great 5 star job to me thank you B&C Care systems for having me .-- S. Owens

Super friendly staff! Very helpful and personable. I am very pleased with my experience. -- K. Burnell

I am N. Watson and B&C is a very great friendly place to work. I love working with this company they are very considerate and understanding, great pay, very go to staff, if you are looking for great in home work this is the place to reside its been a year. now and i dont plan on going anywhere no time soon-- N. Watson

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